2 AM I need to sleep.
There is not much noise
In the back of my frontal cortex
But there is a dim light in my head
Keeping my whole existance awake.

I want to sleep.
The thought of your upper lip keeps me awake
I must have fallen in love with its taste
Or the way you smile with it.
I can't seem to let it go.

I get up
Put a sweater on,
I go out,
Start the car
Take the last sip of smoked whiskey
Trow away the bottle.
The shattering noise hurts my soul.

I stop by your home
Let the engine running
The bright lights on
The side door open
The dagger in my back
Keeps pushing on.

3 AM I see no soul
Wandering the streets
A warm breath breaks the cold.
You're just standing there
Holding your dancing shoes
"Kiss me, you fool!"

I drive of
Flipping your reflection in the side mirror
"Bye, bye, my love".
I instantly fall asleep
I crash.
I forsee no trouble sleeping
From this point on.