Shooting Star

   She was looking down at the world. That's how I first saw her. Staring back at the small people that were circling around. She wasn't that tall, but she knew how to stand up for herself. And that's why everybody hated her. I said "I guess it's good to be loved. Hated. Envied." "That, my darling, is desire" she replied. There is big chance she won't remember this night. Me. The kiss. The booze. Fuck, there's a big chance I won't remember it from all this drinking and smoking. But I'll go with it. She takes my hand, pulls me closer and points to the night sky. "That's were I'll be one of these days, among the stars". "I'm not here to deny that. I'm just observing you facing the world with that curly top of the head of yours". She laughed, kissed me one more time and went on dancing alone in the dark. And there's me, thinking that a shooting star is about to launch away into the world not knowing that she will hit the ground where I'm standing.