Confession of a Con.

   You are beautiful. There. I said it. A simple word that makes it all feel better. Makes it all feel worth it. It shouldn't be like that. A nice looking girl like you should be imune to such words. But we both know you're not. How much time has been since he said that to you? How much time has been since he made it all feel worth it. The effort you put into your make up? And your hair? It has been a while. And why? Because he's to busy looking at your flaws. You do worth the attention. There is no real reason why you should go ahead and mess up that pretty face with tears. There is no need to harm yourself. There is no need for him to reach down to your soul and grasp it. All you need is a warm breath behind to your neck when you go to sleep and somebody to reach down your arm to feel your tattoos blending with your soft skin. Truth be told. There shouldn't be a need for guys like me if guys like him could pay attention to what's in front of them. But not to worry, I am here. Especially when he isn't.