Summer end.

   According to her, there was a time when I believed in love at first sight. Warmth at first light. She said that to me laughing when we bumped into each other a while ago. I almost forgot her face. But When I spoted her, I immediately recognised her. "Hi!". Same silly smile, Same big brown eyes, same fire that made her so fearless. She is still mad. I thought to myself. She's still crazy. But the fire in her eyes is real and that is something that people don't do anymore. Real. She smiled and said "Hi!" back. Clearly she has moved over. Me leaving to buy some cigarettes and never to return, that is. I remember sharing my life with her for a month or two. And as she spoke I started to remember all the good and the bad. We had enough love in one summer that our skin was red and our lips were shatered from laughing and screaming at each other. We used to be best friends, fuck buddies, and comrades in the war defending our sanity against a crazy world. All this until one faitful day when we woke up together from the same hangover, smoke the same cigarette, drink the same coffee, and just moved on. I chosed to be the vilain. Dressed up and left. She stood silent, looking at the faiding summer being blowned away along with the brown leafs and just ackowledge what it was to come. It was nice, me seeing her again. It was like seeing an old friend once more. We grabbed a bite, laughed at the world passing by and had our goodbyes. This time with a hug and all, like we were knowing that it might just be for the last time.