Quickly, you ll blow my cover.

   She always chose to see the good in people. Gave everybody a chance. Gave most of them a second one, ultimatelly offering absolution for all your sins. I recal meeting her was the most unusual experience i've ever had.I saw her at the place so I later decided to chat her up outside. She was sitting on the front porch alone, smoking her fags and when she saw me coming she said "Quickly, you'll blow my cover." She had the craziest reason for being there. She said that the only reason why she came  to that party in the first place, was because she wanted to be alone. She was funny, silly, and joyful. But she also was dark and shy and evasive. I loved her every sigle flaw. I stil do.. Now the only colored image remaining from us was her red lipstick stuck on the cigarette filter. And everything else seems pale and gray, like in one of those old colorless and soundless movies where even the cigarette smoke pushed through her lips seemed to be moving in slow motion. She glances over me with her shy eyes and draws another smoke. I look at her, nood my head and get back to the party. Same place, same mist in the air. Same night sky. I'm giving back her world along with her peace.