Follow your dreams.

   You have to live them all in order to tell them all. There is honestly no limit for how life is going to surprise you today. Take that road you always wanted to. Go out with your crazy friends. Talk to the girl you want to wake up with the next day. And wathever you do, have no damn regrets because they will consume you and stop you from seeing how good life realy is. You have to live them all in order to write them all. Make a wish and look for the signs. Document all your sorrows and your joys. Don't stop at nothing and go for the big goal of living them all. Kiss a girl on a balcony. Fall in love with her. Break her heart. Cry. Heal. Ask for more. You have to live them all in order to cherish them all. Your memories will be the last of you and your life will remain in family photos and secret journals long after you and I will both be gone. You have to wish for them all in order to have them all. Don't be affraid to dream. Grasp your desires with the same fire you strugle for the first breath after a long swim.