Break free.

   There will never be a right time to do things in your life. People come and go. People love you and hate you. Sometimes even in the same time. Life is messy. Life is dirty. An endless meaningful or meaningless experience that can take you to the moon or bury you in the ground. I won't lie. There is much to live for. There are people who will deserve a second and a third chance. This world is full of lightened streets or dark corners which will haunt your memories for years to come. We don't chose how all this will affect us. We can only chose how we respond to it. Love or hate the game. Love or hate the people. But always remember to give yourself some time. Give yourself a break. Go to the beach. Go out. Enjoy taking a beating. Enjoy giving one. Take what you need and apply it where it hurts. There is no law against being happy. There is no social conduit that can make you behave like a docile monkey dressed in a tuxedo when you feel like scream out of your lungs and jump head first in the cold water. Maybe that is the secret of being happy. Take what you can and give what you want. And whatever you do, don't forget to give yourself a chance to be happy and fulfiled and awesome. Because at the end of the day, all that matters is that the only person who will really make a difference in your life is yourself.