Baby, it s cold outside.

   Things are getting quieter and quieter. Maybe it's the cold, maybe it's the darkness. Everything seems stil and asleep. A long cold sleep. I'm reaching out and something is missing from the scenery. The room seems empty. Less pillows on the bed, less clothes left behind on the wooden floor. Less whispers reaching out to me from the other side of the bed. I thought I hear a noise from the other room so I take my phone and text her "C'mon baby,  it's cold outside..". I get no reply. I take a deep breath and things get quiet again. Quiet and cold and at this point I suspect that this chill is just surrounding us. I don't know if it's has been an hour or a week. I'm so close to loose my sanity and myself in this mist. There is no light i can cling on. There is no hope  left. Just coldness. And darkness. And stilness. Endless Silence. As I am ready to fall asleep I hear footsteps on the floor. I can see her figure darker than the night itself. She sets her pillow back on her side, The room already seems brighter. She lays down beside my saying "baby, it's cold outside.". The ice between us is melting.