The irony of trying to get to know another person is that you often get to see each other's soul stripped of all garments long after you get to know each other's bodies. Some might say that this is the moment when magic has ended and you stare at each other naked, cold and afraid, waiting to see who is going to make the first step back. But I think that this is a load of bollocks. This has to be the moment the magic starts and rather then seeing one another as two broken puzzles you might want to shift your perspective and look at the matter from a more "spiritual" point of view: everybody is fucked in their head, I am, she is, everybody is. But still, there is fire in that madness, a fire filled with passion and soul. The kind that you could never judge or disclaim. Things tend to get rough when two strong minded people come together and wrestle for dominion, but at the end of the day is me and her against the world, never against each other.