A man's worst addiction.

   A man's worst addiction is the need of controlling other people's life. We often find ourselves talking about escaping, but we never really get to do it. Because freedom can be terrifying. It's limitless can make you feel like drowning in your exaltation. We actually are so afraid of the choices we could make under the intoxicating influence of the free will that most of the time we end up not doing them at all.
   You know, they never tell you that domination is a dangerous game. Supremacy brings with it liability. And they certainly never tell you that the devil himself will dress up in all you have ever dreamed of, tie a red bonnet around his neck, and smile at you while you lose yourself in your perfect little illusion.
Attraction can be fatal. Gets you hooked on it's bitter sweet taste and never let's go.
And you'll probably meet in your life physically, emotionally, or verbally abused people and you will notice that their hate towards their abusers will only be surpassed by their ridiculous attraction towards that person. Like fucking dogs they are. All beaten up and still hoping for that gentle pat on the back.
Love stings like a bitch. And whatever you do you can't deny somebody's center which all their universe gravitates around.
Whatever you do, you can't take away someone's reason to wake up in the morning. Even if that's the same reason why they fall asleep with tears in their eyes.
I think that the most important piece of advice I ever received in the matter was to not build my happiness on someone else's grief.
At the end of the day, we are all responsible for going back to what hurt us in the first place. You can't save somebody who doesn't want to be saved. You can only choose to save yourself through somebody.